Bertha St. John Turned Upside Down and Teresa Howell That Church Life


BAM082716-editBertha St. John is an educator, consultant, and business owner. She is also a licensed minister, intercessor, and kindergarten teacher. Bertha shares her journey to encourage others to break through the physical and emotional bondage of poverty, prejudice, poor self-esteem, and molestation. Her book, “Turned Upside Down,” reveals how a painful incident caused a little girl in a segregated rural Texas town to become angry, fearful and defeated and how she went from being a victim to victorious, fearful to faithful, ugly to beautiful and from defeated to victorious.

Author Spotlight

Teresa Howell is a Children’s Director with Master degrees in education and leadership and is very dedicated to mentoring and teaching students in the school system. Having witnessed the good and the not so good while not only attending church but also serving in various capacities, Teresa wrote her book, “That Church Life,” which is about real life obstacles that detour us from the  church and our faith. |

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