Making Noise About Your Business

Making Noise PictureBy nature, I’m normally a very quiet person. So when I first heard the concept of making noise in my business, I kind of hesitated at the thought. Why? Because I’m not a loud person and I don’t boast about my business.

Even still today, I don’t boast about it. However, I’ve learned how to ‘get out of the box’ per se, or get out of my own ‘harmful’ way of thinking. After all, I am in business and only what I do in terms of marketing will ever make a difference as to whether or not my financial goals are met.

I will say however, that I’ve become “LOUD”, LOL! Not verbally loud like shouting, but people know who I am and what I do because I’ve made myself visible.

Making Noise in An Already LOUD Environment

I use to think that there was no room for me! I felt like the market was already saturated with coaches, consultants and internet advisors, and who would want to listen to me?

I quickly learned that I am who I am — a unique individual with my own message, my own experience, my own way of teaching internet marketing and those who could relate to me and me only. Hence, I’m not in competition with anyone else! It wasn’t until I ‘got that‘ — the interview requests and speaking engagements began to roll in.

Making Your Own Noise

Get Loud About Your Business!Here are a few suggestions for making noise, getting out of your own way and do the things that people do for positive results:

1. Research a mastermind group or forum that offers practical solutions for your needs. Participate and ask questions.
2. Go to and search for radio shows on topics related to your niche. Create a speakers bio, convert it to a pdf and request to be interviewed.
3. Get on facebook and twitter and talk, talk, talk! Be authentic in your message without trying to sell yourself.
4. Create free local workshops in your area empowering people with your how to do… [message]
5. Network with the other person in mind… take the focus off of self and be a sincere help to others (results: creates long lasting relationships, trust and referrals).
6. Hire a Coach/Consultant – a coach will help you strategically plan for profitable results; a consultant will teach you ‘how to’ implement your plan.
7. Consistently strive for personal growth: read, listen and apply positive affirmations every single day!

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan“, write it down, define what it means to you and put it to action!

Remember, nothing EVER beats a failure… but a try!

Now get up and make some NOISE about YOUR business!

‘I’m just keeping it real’

Regina Baker is the co-creator of and Certified Business Consultant at She’s dedicated to educating the small business individual on how to do business by the book as well as teaching ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder. Find out more about Regina at

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