Pew Abuse and Seasons Change with Mary Carlton and Samantha Singletary


BAM062516Mary Carlton certified nurse, case manager, author and retired from the United States Army Reserve, loves to sing, laugh and make others happy. In her book, “Front Pew Abuse” (based on a true story), she reveals the ups and downs, blows and curves through a negative relationship Mary advises her readers to “never let your love enslave you to a person who consistently hurts you and shows you that they are not going to change. She says, “God will always drop blessings along the way to shine a ray of hope on your dark situation. He sometimes has to keep you in your storm just a little longer because if He brings you out too soon, you won’t get the lesson of the blessings He has for you.” |

Author Spotlight

Samantha Singletary is Arizona born, Georgia raised, and Christ-Centered! In her book, “Seasons of Change,” she shares her experiences and challenges, while reminding you as the seasons change on planet Earth, so do they in your life. She shows you the way to reflect, acknowledge and accept the seasons by sharing God’s answers for life’s season’s change on planet Earth so, do they in your life. |

Listen to the show here

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