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A Prisoner’s Wife & Lisa Godley

Radio Show_Prisoner's Wife and Lisa Godley

Episode #22

One on One with a Prisoner’s Wife

Listen as Nicole interviews Mrs. GE 6309, AKA Reesy Floyd-Thompson, founder of Prisoner’s Wives Girlfriends and Partners. Reesy is on a mission to ensure relationships stay together  inside and outside the cell walls. www.reesyfloyd-thompson.com

My Friendz Network spotlight is  Lisa Godley, … Read the rest

Shameful Mistakes

Jail Cell“We all make mistakes”; a statement that encourages contrition, soothes the soul, and offers a promissory note of forgiveness. It’s an inclusive statement, until the mistake lands a person in prison.

In 2005, I became a prisoner’s wife, literally and spiritually. My previous title of “wife” left me inadequately prepared … Read the rest