Faith For Finances

It’s been on me to write about obeying and trusting totally in God for a while now. Particularly, having faith for finances.

In the past I’ve said , “I have mustard seed faith.”  Faith to believe the impossible. Faith to believe that God will supply all of my needs, according to his riches in Glory.

Faith for my finances, for my health and for spiritual things.

I have faith…..It sounded good and everybody else was saying it. But did I really know?

God has a way of showing you what you think you know by real life experiences.


It’s easy to say you have faith to pay what you need to pay when you have a steady stream of income coming in; to know the direct deposit is going to be in the account every other Thursday. You may not have it all or even make enough, but you know a check is coming. You know you can put something on it. Make an arrangement  or set up a payment plan.

Today, I truly understand what’s it’s like to have faith. Not shout around a catchy slogan…

Gotta Have Faith

To have total faith for your finances is when you have no idea where the money is coming from, but you know, according to his word, that it’s coming.

This past week I began to weep because of God’s faithfulness. Not because I’m so great, but because of who he is and how he proves himself over and over again. There is no way on this earth I should be where I am today, according to man. My entire life is a testimony. My mother even gave a testimony of how she didn’t want us, as children and tried to set the bed on fire…But I’m still here.

I looked at the past 9 months I’ve been without a steady stream of income from an employer and people can’t seem to understand in the “natural” how my needs are being met. But I don’t live in the natural. I’m more spiritual than natural, so I live according to his spirit.

Just like God sent the ravens to feed Elijah, he will send what you need, when you need it. I’m a living witness. ( Story of Elijah at the Brook )

There were times I didn’t have gas money and someone showed up and placed money in my hands. Just like that!

There were times I had no idea how I would pay something, go to the mailbox and there was a check from a client. Just like that!

There were times people would text me and tell me to check my bank of account and there was a seed deposit. Just because…Just like that!

There were times I would speak and get blessed in cash instead of a check.  If I put the check in the bank, the fees from the account being overdrawn would eat it. No one knew, I didn’t tell anyone. (But God knew)  They blessed me in cash. Just like that!

God is no respecter of persons. I can tell you testimony after testimony how God has showed up for me and my family over the past 9 months. I expect favor, blessings and God’s Super to meet this Natural each and every day for my family.

I may not have everything I had before and may still be behind on some things but I’m not alone and it won’t be for long. He is doing just what he said he would do, for me and for you! Be encouraged.

He is a keeper if you allow him to keep you and a rewarder of them that diligently seek him and I seek him over and over again. I need him every hour, every minute, every day.

I write this not for those that have arrived but to encourage those (like me) that are still on their way.


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