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Faith For Finances

It’s been on me to write about obeying and trusting totally in God for a while now. Particularly, having faith for finances.

In the past I’ve said , “I have mustard seed faith.”  Faith to believe the impossible. Faith to believe that God will supply all of my needs, according … Read the rest

Who Am I?


Have you asked yourself that question lately?

Who Am I?

Oh, I know what your title is, but who are you?

We are wives, mothers, praise team members, ushers, ministers, sisters, leaders, teachers etc….etc

We are everything to everybody but nothing to ourselves.

This must stop.

Take a few … Read the rest

Unworthy of God’s Gifts and Calling

Have you ever been put in a situation and you felt unworthy?

Have you ever asked the question, “God, are you sure you’re calling me to this?”

“There are so many more “qualified” people  in that area, pick them.”

Individuals  that know more than you do, have a bigger name … Read the rest

Quiet Time with God

In this life you will laugh one day and the very next ,you might cry. We live in a time the world would say is “uncertain”. In the midst of the chaos, how do you find quiet time with God?

Some people are in  a race from the time the … Read the rest