Meet Ricardo Sumler

Ricardo Sumler resides in Hampton, Virginia .

His hobbies include writing poetry , performing open mic ,customizing personalized poetry and reading novels.


Ricardo Sumler, a Hampton Roads native, has been an inspirational composer of poetry and spoken word for over twenty years. Ricardo interest peaked in the verbal arts while attending high school. As a youngster his career was inspired by the remarks of his librarian to his question “where are the poetry books located?” and her response being “you are too young to be interested in poetry”. This response puzzled him so he began reading, “Love is“, phrases at the local market and eventually started to read entire books of poetry.

He is the recipient of several prestige’s awards for his outstanding works.

Business Info:
Ricardo has turned his talent for writing into a unique greeting card line capturing human emotions in his verses. “Poets Perspective Greeting Cards” features conversational material.The cards depict all of life’s situations from “best friends” to “I’m done.” Ricardo’s line is the new millennium of greeting cards. His company is not afraid to go against the grain and is recognized as a trend setter for other companies to follow. . He is taking bold steps towards addressing topics that are life changing through his poetic vision.

Poets Perspective greeting cards is an unique greeting card line which introduces more realistic cards to choose from towards their specific needs occuring in their daily lives.

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