Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story is a real-life, persuasive self-empowerment book about a young lady who made risky decisions which turned into frequent mistakes, but has also learned from them and now wants to enlighten others how to evaluate self and make the needed changes to successfully “start over.”

Authoress Shivawn A. Mitchell fiercely uses her own story as a tried & true example for readers to reassuringly take hold of as they begin the chapters of their new stories.  Shivawn states that everyone experiences things like set-backs, broken hearts and disappointments, but the key is how we come back from those things; she asks, “Have you learned from life’s experiences, or are those experiences taking a toll on your life”? The goal is to provide readers with the knowledge to take the steps of changing their minds about their past mistakes.

Listening to our inner voice and knowing when to throw the towel in, (or as Shivawn puts it, “…learn when to fold”), are two of the many compelling nuggets that I took away from Rewrite Your Story because Shivawn mentions that we often ignore the signals our bodies are sending us when we become overwhelmed-which leads to stress, all because we are afraid of being labeled as giving up and/or not trying hard enough.  This then in turn makes us push ourselves harder as well as internalize problems in fear of humiliation and further interfere with our health.

When you’re ready to make some positive & ambitious changes in your life, I suggest reading Rewrite Your Story by Shivawn A. Mitchell as it is certainly like having an accountability partner literally in the palm of your hand.

Reviewed by:

Larie of My Heart Speaks…™ & Resident Book Reviewer for Breathe Again Magazine

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