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“An everyday companion to help navigate through this highway called life.”

SPIRITUAL GPS GOD PROMISED SOLUTIONS by Oliver Reid is a reminder that God is in control. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to your destination, just stay on the road, declares the … Read the rest

Conversations of a Watchman : Prayers to Frame your Prophetic Destiny


“A practical guide that can be used for intercession and effective prayer”

Conversations of a Watchman: Prayers to Frame Your Prophetic Destiny is a clarion call to believers.

“Will you stand in the gap and intercede or will you give up on others and yourself? “

From the moment … Read the rest

From Brokenness to Greatness

Sometimes, stepping into greatness actually requires taking a big leap; and that’s just what authoress & entrepreneur LaTersa Blakely talks about in her debut book, FROM BROKENNESS TO GREATNESS.

Mrs. Blakely strategically shares her childhood insecurities which crept into her young adult journey and landed her in the last … Read the rest

Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story is a real-life, persuasive self-empowerment book about a young lady who made risky decisions which turned into frequent mistakes, but has also learned from them and now wants to enlighten others how to evaluate self and make the needed changes to successfully “start over.”

Authoress Shivawn A. … Read the rest