God Will Do It Again

Going through a storm is tough.

Imagine being in the midst of a hurricane, totally uncovered with no where to go. No hat, no umbrella, no shelter. You are totally vulnerable. The hail, wind and rain seem to be coming at an outrageous speed and you can’t do anything but
stand in the midst of the storm and take it.

You may be facing what seems to be the worst seasons of your life right now. Just like the physical storm, you are vulnerable and seem unprotected. This issue seems to be getting the best of you and you’re unsure how and if it will ever end.

Do me a favor. Step back, pause and breathe. Get in a quiet place and look back over your life.

  • Remember when you thought you would not make it and was on the verge of giving up?
  • Remember how the Lord pulled you out of your previous situation?
  • Remember how he always made a way of escape for you?

God did it!

Those victories are part of your spiritual resume. The next time you get in a tough spot, pull out your spiritual resume. Don’t ever forget what he’s already done. If he did it then, surely he will do it again.

Be Encouraged!

Stay Blessed,

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