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Never a Loss, Always a Lesson with Deirdre Sanderlin

Join me as I chat with overcomer, Deirdre Williams Sanderlin.

What some may think was the worst day of her life, became the best lesson. Imagine the mentor becoming the mentee, the teacher becoming the student, the social worker becoming the client.  Rediscovering how to S.T.E.P. (SELF DEVELOPMEMT, TRANSFORM,EMBRACE Read the rest

The Journey to Find Me with Tonia Snowden

Author & Speaker, Tonia Snowden’s desire and calling is to show you what faith looks like through her eyes and inspire you to recognize just how much power each one of us has.Listen as Tonia shares her journey, which is sure to inspire you to create and manifest your hopes

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Child Abuse Survivor & Author, Rebecca Fitton, and Coach, Author, Kate Frank


Rebecca Fitton sexually abused by a family member when she was just two-years-young, had an effect on her life in ways that have taken her decades of therapy and inner work to overcome. As part of her journey of healing, she recently published a book that is part … Read the rest

Psychologist-Author, Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr. and Cancer Survivor, Karen Rice


bam102916Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr., founder of The Pursuit of Influence, is a social and organizational psychologist who specializes in developing family-focused culture in homes, places of worship, and business settings. Dr. Harold is author of three marriage books and one leadership development book all based on … Read the rest




“An everyday companion to help navigate through this highway called life.”

SPIRITUAL GPS GOD PROMISED SOLUTIONS by Oliver Reid is a reminder that God is in control. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to your destination, just stay on the road, declares the … Read the rest